About Us

We moved into our wonderful homestead in Williamson County in December of 2012.  Since then, we have erupted into action and are building like crazy to bring our new additions into the family.

We (meaning I) was struck with the bug to begin actually breeding birds that would let me indulge my chicken addiction.  Obviously, this means we need coops and runs…Lots of protected space.This brought about our idea to create a wonderful town for our poultry and fowl.  The idea is to give all the coops an Old West style store front with the coops and runs hidden behind them.  As we rattled the idea around in our heads, we decided the town must have a name…and so, Landstown was born. Given the course of life and the unexpected popularity of the Mister’s talent, Landstown’s build out has slowed down and we’ve only gotten the hotel and saloon done, just yet.  We’ll get more built as we can; but, people are so smitten, it’s keeping the Mister rather busy….like the cobbler’s son having no shoes. **laughs**  It’s delightful, though, to know people enjoy our ideas and his work.

Just off of Highway 29 – the wee town of Landstown is home to several lines of chickens as an effort gets under way to bring the joy of our birds and their fun houses to others.  We’ve managed to spread the addiction to at least three of our neighbours.  **chuckles**

Our current focus is building a foundation of Nankins – and, my project birds that I lovingly call “Texas TwoStep”.  We also have a set of absolutely beautiful red-golden pheasants.  We breed them and offer up their chicks for sale once a year.

The TwoSteps actually are a blend between the cream legbar and an unexpected egg that turned up was a surprise addition with an order of eggs….it was one of the most perfect Icelandics I’ve ever seen.  He and my Cream Legbars survived a full day in Texas 100+ heat with no water (due to an accident).  I decided at that point that I wanted to see what I could do to breed that hardiness.  As soon as they were old enough to breed, I crossed that beautiful Icelandic over my Cream Legbars.  The offspring were beautiful crele birds that hold up to the Texas heat as if it were nothing.  We’ll see how that goes.