Another Happy Customer

Mike was asked if he could construct a smaller version of Landstown and Barnabyville for a lovely couple down in Austin that had an urban area to work with, not the acres we have.  Mike went down and scoped it out, drew it up – and, the gals were thrilled with the idea.  He commenced … Continue reading »

Paddle Feet

We have been having the first of our Nankins hatching out.  I’m excited to see how these little guys grow up.  One of the things we have been experiencing, though, is a difficult time hatching out.  Several of them have died in the process of trying to leave the shell.  Mostly because they are in … Continue reading »

100% Failure

You know, I can understand (and expect) to have a low hatch rate on shipped eggs.  It’s just a given considering all that they go through in the postal system.  The fact that I’ve (so far) had all my eggs arrive in one piece has been pretty outside the statistical expectation.  I expect early deaths. … Continue reading »


We have Muscovy.  Four little fellas hatched out…This little guy was the last one. He literally hatched into my hand.  Sometimes, when incubating, the babies can wind up stuck in the egg.  There are a couple of reasons it can happen – too little turning during incubation and/or too low humidity during hatch.  This little … Continue reading »

Our First Egg

I was at work, today, when I got the news via email from Mike that we had our first egg. I was ecstatic. He told me the story and I’ll share it with you. He was in the shop when Roxanne started getting into every nook and cranny. Up on his work bench, on his … Continue reading »

Horstman Eggs

Well, I heard from Dick Horstman and he said he is going to try and send me the eggs I ordered.  He will try sending them next week.  Here’s hoping they arrive! The good thing is, we believe we have identified why we have been having our hatch issues.  This next batch hatching out should … Continue reading »