Incense Test

To check that your incubator is allowing a decent exchange of air, you can pay quite a bit of money and test the oxygen levels….or, you can follow the thinking of Yinepu (thanks, Yinepu) and use something a lot less fiscally draining.

Yinepu used a sage bundle.  I didn’t have a sage bundle; but, I did have Frankincense resin and a charcoal incense burner.  Either one works very well.

  1. Take the empty incubator and place the incense within it (or sage bundle on something that won’t burn/melt).
  2. Shut up the incubator the way you intend to have it set up for your incubation.
  3. Watch for the smoke to exit the incubator.
  4. What you do not want to see is the smoke swirling around and around inside the incubator and none/next to none leaving the incubator.
  5. What you do want to see is a steady flow of smoke leaving the incubator.  There should be a haze of smoke within the incubator and once it builds up (about five minutes) you should see the smoke beginning to trail out.
    • Bonus – this also allows you to see if you have smoke leaving from places that should not be allowing air exchange (ie, low corners of your incubator, etc)
    • If you have extra areas that have smoke leaking that should not have smoke leaking, seal them up.  These unexpected areas of leakage could result in temperature differentiation from the other areas of your incubator.
  6. Once you have smoke egressing steadily from where it should be, then remove the incense and let the smoke completely clear.
  7. Sanitize the incubator after removing the incense.