I realized, while we were desperately searching for someone with reasonable prices on wire, that having a page that lists the best prices we have found in our searching might actually help people out.  So – here you go.  Anything we find that has significantly good prices we will place here.  Well, anything relevant.  No need to post a place that has spectacular prices on shoes….even if it is great information to have!

Fencing / Wire

We found Montopolis Supply located, conveniently, in Austin, Texas to be the best source for the poultry netting and hardware cloth that we need for our coops and runs.  At $1.79/ft for ½” hardware cloth and ~80¢/ft for 1″ poultry netting (both 48″ high, btw)…well, we just haven’t been able to find a source to beat that. If you know of one, please tell us!!


Montopolis Supply, staggeringly enough, also has spectacular prices on roofing for coops – tin, fibreglass, etc.