Mike was asked if he could construct a smaller version of Landstown and Barnabyville for a lovely couple down in Austin that had an urban area to work with, not the acres we have.  Mike went down and scoped it out, drew it up – and, the gals were thrilled with the idea.  He commenced to working and about three weeks later, the town was built.  One of the ladies is an artist and she wanted to do the final touches on it, so Mike built it and left it raw.

Here’s how it looked going up:

Mini-town shell
Mini-town skinned

Mini-town open door
Mini-town in progress

Mike put the siding on and put up the wire (no photos – shame on us).

Then he left it for the customer to do the artistic, paint touches on.  She did the painting and the signs.

And, the final product, after the customer did her thing.
Another Landstown Happy Customer

I think it turned out really nice; and, best of all, the customer is thrilled with it.