I love to cook; and, nothing tastes better than a backyard flock fowl cooked properly and brought to the table.

Depending on the age and type of fowl being cooked the time, temperature, etc need to be modified.

For instance, an older hen (say four years old) would need to be cooked on a low heat for quite some time, as opposed to a young hen (like the young hens at the grocer’s) that can be cooked hot and fast.

I intend to add recipes to this site as time permits.  You should see them available in the menu to the left of the screen (hover over “Recipes”) as I get them put together.

If you try any of them out, I’d love to hear from you about what you thought.  What changes you might have made. Or what questions you may have.

Some of my recipes you’ll see that I use not just chicken eggs, but guinea or turkey or duck eggs as well.  They have a wonderful flavour and I encourage each of you to give them a try!  You’ll find that some of them are more rich and yolk dense than the ever popular chicken egg.

Here is one woman’s experience with the first taste of Guinea eggs.