Chicken Monterrey

This recipe was provided by Melissa Rose on the Backyard Chickens forum. Thanks, Melissa!

She says: “Here is a yummy chicken dish I figured out how to make from a local restaurant we used to eat at.”


4 chicken breasts (skinless)
½ cup salsa (your favorite)
½ cup zesty Italian dressing
2 large avocados (skinned)
1 tomato (sliced thickly)
4 slices Monterrey Jack cheese
4 small skewers or long toothpicks


1. Mix the salsa and dressing to create a marinade.
2. Marinate the chicken breasts anywhere from six hours to overnight.
3. Pre-heat the broiler and cook the chicken breasts until done.*
4. Once the breasts are cooked through, place several tomato slices on each one. Add and avocado half on top of the tomato. Top with the sliced Monterrey Jack cheese.
5. Small skewers or long toothpicks pushed through helps hold all the layers together.
6. Set the oven to ~350° F and place the chicken back in the oven for an additional five minutes – or until the cheese has melted and the veggies are warm.
7. Place a large dollop of salsa on the plate and put the chicken breast on top.

This meal is good served with Spanish Rice and Beans.

Serves four.

*If using a young hen/cockerel, cook as you would any store bought hen at ~350° F.  Keep a close eye on it to ensure it doesn’t cook faster than you intend. If using an older hen, lower the temperature to around 275° F.  When cooking older fowl, I prefer to rotisserie or smoke it; however, roasting it works as well.  Just be sure to baste constantly. 

A word of warning – if you are using an older Rooster, remember that the flavour of the meat is going to be affected by the hormones that have been flooding his system.  The meat will not taste quite like you are used to it tasting.  This is normal and expected.  A truly old rooster that is well past its prime may have leached most of his testosterone and have a much more mild flavour.  However, just as with older hens, remember – low and slow is the way to go.