Chicken math is what they call it.  Where you start with “just” two or three chickens; and, the next time you look you’re closing in on 30.

That’s what happened with us.  We made the “mistake” of stopping by a feed store one day.  Never expecting what it was that was about to happen to our lives.  We picked up six fluff butts – hatcher specials.  You know, the ones that the hatcheries like to call a certain breed; but, who knows what’s actually in the mix.  This crew was what the hatchery claimed was Barred Plymouth Rocks and Ameraucanas.

Well, the Barred Rocks are definitely Barred Rocks.  Sweet tempered, wonderful girls.  The Ameraucanas have no beards, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some green coloured eggs come about.  Both tend to indicate you have what’s known as an Easter Egger (non-pure Ameraucana). I’m fine with that.  They are gorgeous, and Buffy (one of our EEs) has such a beautiful partridge pattern, I’m tempted to try and see if I can’t perpetuate it.  But….I have enough projects on my plate.

A few weeks later, we were back at the same feed store (you’d figure we’d learn, right?) and wound up picking up some Black Australorps and Silver Laced Wyandottes.  The BAs are spot on.  I mean, beautiful.  We wound up with a rooster out of it all – which I don’t mind in the least.  He’s gorgeous.  But, the SLWs?  I gotta tell you, I don’t know what it was that got in the mix; but, it certainly wasn’t an SLW.  These gals are something else to look at.  One of them is almost a negative of what you’d expect.  She’s, surprisingly, growing into a rather attractive hen.

Not long after that I got my heart set on Dorkings.  And, things have never been the same, since.  I have my Barnyard Menagerie – we will have a wonderful rainbow of egg colours and a beautiful mix of fowl breeds and colours.  And, then I have my Dorkings.  My Dorkings are my passion.  And, I’m getting a little grumpy with Dick Horstman in not getting the hatching eggs to me that I’ve already bought and paid for.  Jeanne I expect to send eggs in late may, given she’s in Montana.  But, Dick’s not sent my eggs yet.  People are getting chicks from him everywhere I look; but, no eggs for me.  I was supposed to get them the week of March 25th…nope.  His last conversation with me stated that he was getting a 70% hatch rate and didn’t feel right sending eggs with such a low hatch rate.  He offered a refund; but, dang it…I want those eggs.  So, even if I have to sit over here until 2014 and get the first batch of eggs from that year from him, I’m not asking for a refund.  Can you tell I want those eggs?  **laughs**

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